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Video: Wayne Simmonds beats up a heavyweight

We don't need a heavyweight. We have Wayne Simmonds.

Sure, don't tell Devils fans that David Clarkson is a heavyweight at this point, because well... you saw the video. But this was just awesome. I don't get all geeked out about hockey fights often, mostly because I find heavyweights battling heavyweights a meaningless affair. This was just totally different last night. 

Clarkson was skating around all night trying to fight somebody. The Flyers don't have that guy to go head-to-head with him, and somebody (might have been Zac Rinaldo but my mind is failing me) turned him down at one point, actually drawing a penalty on Clarkson. 

That didn't stop him though. A bit later Clarkson went after Simmonds off this faceoff, and Wayne decided "hey, three goal lead, why the hell not?" Little Davey clearly picked the wrong sparring partner. Simmonds crushed him with a right to start, pulled Clarkson back up for more, dodged one attempt, then finished him off with one more. 

A thing of beauty. 

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