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Flyers vs. Hurricanes: Claude Giroux scores like 80 goals, Flyers win

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A few weeks ago, we wondered out loud if the Philadelphia Flyers offense was being paced by just one line. We've seen more out-of-control offensive games in this young season than we can count, and that can tend to lead us to believe that the highest-scoring-team-in-the-NHL thing is a little overblown.

But slowly but surely, the Flyers are proving that just maybe, this team can score with the best of them. They can get contributions offensively from every line, break up all the defensive duties evenly and win lots and lots of hockey games. That's just what they did tonight, finishing up their three game Southeast Division road trip like a bunch of well-tanned badasses.

Claude Giroux led the charge as usual, but got some help tonight by Max Talbot, Wayne Simmonds and Matt Read. Sergei Bobrovsky only had to make 17 saves in the game to secure the win.

The Hurricanes tried their best to come back in what seemed like a billion different chances tonight, but the Flyers just punched them in the face each time. Patrick Dwyer scores in the last second of the first period to cut the Flyers lead to 2-1? G scores less than three minutes into the third to get it right back.

Thinking about tying the game late, 'Canes? Well, Matt Read decided he wanted to score a goal, then collide face first with the boards... and then get up and walk away basically unscathed.

5-3 win. First place in the Atlantic and the East. Five points out of six on the three game road trip. Maybe they can just play every game below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Questions with Answers

  1. Claude Giroux scored four points last time these teams met. The second line paced the offense last night. Does Giroux's line step back up tonight? Yeeeeep. Five points from the line, three from Claude.
  2. Sergei Bobrovsky is in the crease. How's he look? Bob was great, even though James van Riemsdyk tried to kill him apparently. b
  3. Eric Staal has suuuucked lately. Can the Flyers keep him down after he finally got back on the board Saturday? Whatever. He had a nice assist but whatever.
  4. Jaromir Jagr has 104 career points in 70 career games against Carolina/Hartford. 104 points in 70 games. So he scores tonight, right? Two points, both assists. 106 points in 71 games.

Comment of the Night

Giroux is like Canada Dry.


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