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MASS MURDERED: Flyers Dump Three on Silver, Win Hours Later

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After the Flyers raced out to a 3-0 lead in the first seven minutes, my mind inevitably started to wander to other topics.

"I really need to do laundry."

"I wonder what I would look like with blue hair?"

"What is Vanna White's weight in tic tacs, give or take 50?"

The Flyers seemed to lose focus at the same time. They had enough goals to hang on, but they only registered 15 shots in the last 50 minutes. But enough is enough, a win is a win.

Some assorted thoughts on the road win:

  • The BSH Bump continues to do phenomenal things for Scott Hartnell. Playing the best hockey of his life, statistically. MVP stuff, according to one former neighbor of his. You're welcome, Scott.
  • Braydon Coburn got in a fight, which is always amusing. He almost dropped the gloves a second time in the third period against Tyler Myers, which would have been a fun battle of two eight-foot tall Gumbies. Keep your fists to yourself, Braydon.
  • The Flyers had triple the blocked shots, which is gritty and lacks self-preservation or whatever, but mostly shows just how much the Sabres controlled the majority of this game.
  • Sean Couturier scored his third goal of the season, and continued to be studly on the penalty kill. Keeping him with the Flyers was always the only correct decision--he's better than whatever the alternative would have been, and gives the team a better chance of winning each game he plays. Period.

After the jump, questions answered and a comment of the night:

Questions Answered:

  1. Mike Richards isn't a member of the Flyers anymore, so who does Ryan Miller whine about tonight after the game? No idea. Himself?
  2. Ilya Bryzgalov hasn't talked to the media in days, so he's going to pitch a shutout tonight, right? A win is a win. The Flyers already got their shutout this year, so getting another would just be redundant.
  3. How does Ville Leino look in Buffalo colors? Like, we know how he's looked, but how does he look tonight against his old team -- the team that didn't want to accept his pay day demands? This question is so well written, Travis. He was invisible and beardless.
  4. The defense was better as a whole against Carolina, but it still wasn't great. Continued improvement or a step back? Defense was super solid. No real mistakes.

Comment of the Night:

more like FARTY

’cause he STINKS! GET IT?! --DannyMcG (on Lupul dropping a one-period hat trick on Brodeur)

Go Flyers.