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Black Friday: Stock up on shirts from the BSH Store

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It's Black Friday, and why should you go wait in those ridiculous lines today? Or maybe you already have waited in those lines and you got all kinds of cool stuff, but now you want more. We have more for you.

We're proud to unveil eight new tshirt designs today, all created by our own Shaun Kreider, to celebrate the official arrival of the holiday season. You can find any of these designs, plus 33 other products already available, in the BSH Store, which is accessible via the link on the left side of the page (about midway down).

Or, you can just click the link right here. Happy shopping, and thanks as always for reading Broad Street Hockey. Go Flyers.

The Flyers vs. Canadiens game thread will be up a bit late today. Like, around game time-ish.