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Timonen worried about injuries

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Kimmo Timonen says he's worried about the injuries the Flyers are facing right now and that the injuries are starting to show in the games.

We've had a lot of injuries. We need everybody to be healthy if we want to go far this year. Some guys are playing a lot right now and it's going to hurt us in the long run. It showed against the Rangers."

Timonen isn't only referring to the absence of fellow defenseman Chris Pronger.

"Pronger is great, but missing one guy is not a problem. Missing four, five guys is a problem."

Timonen has said before that he's had his share of smaller injuries this season, but he says he's doing 'okay'.

"I'm okay. I've had all kinds of small injuries and of course they hurt my game sometimes, but I'm pretty happy."

Timonen was also named on the All Star Game ballot, but says it's time for the younger players to shine in that game.

"Well, yeah, I guess I've been there before, but let's leave those games to the younger guys. It's nice [to be on the ballot], but I'm not interested in it anymore. I've been there a few times before and it's a nice event, but I rather take that vacation this time."

Timonen leads Flyers defensemen with thirteen assists, but hasn't scored a goal yet.

"I've been getting points pretty well and I've had some scoring chances, but the puck just hasn't gone in."

"But I'm worrying more about our team and that we'll get healthy again. That's the biggest worry right now."

This report was based off of a Finnish-language story released by STT.