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Chris Pronger injured; Nodl waived; Schenn back, Lilja to LTIR: Explaining today's moves

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An unrecognizable photo.
An unrecognizable photo.

The Philadelphia Flyers did a bunch of stuff today. You can see Paul Holmgren's exact words on all of this right here. Let's recap:

-- Andreas Nodl is on waivers, and Paul Holmgren says it's to "gauge interest" in him from teams around the league. Which doesn't make any sense considering that, generally speaking, you can "gauge interest" in a player without the risk of losing them for absolutely nothing.

It's called a telephone, and I hear everybody has one in their pocket or on their hip these days. NHL general managers, too. Some of them are even called "smartphones" and you can play games on them and everything. Ilya Bryzgalov used one with a cool little compass to help get himself out of the woods.

-- Chris Pronger is out four weeks and is on LTIR, meaning he can't return for 24 calendar days AND 10 games. That puts him out until Friday, December 23 vs. the Rangers at the earliest. If he doesn't go on LTIR until tomorrow, the earliest he could return is Tuesday, December 27 vs. the Lightning. The 27th would be exactly four weeks following his surgery.

-- Andreas Lilja is also on long-term injured reserve. 

-- Brayden Schenn is back in Philadelphia. He'll be ready to play on Friday in Anaheim. 

-- Kevin Marshall was sent back to Adirondack yesterday, but he's back today in light of the Pronger injury. 

-- It looks like Jaromir Jagr will play on Friday, while James van Riemsdyk still isn't skating and is up in the air for the game in Anaheim. 

-- Jody Shelley isn't on waivers and still gets paid $1.1 million to do something. I'm not exactly sure what that is, though.

All of this leaves the Flyers with the following: 28 players on the roster, five of whom are not active and on long-term injured reserve. That includes Nodl, who is still on the roster. 15 forwards, six defensemen, two goalies on the active roster, which is right at the 23 man limit.

Without Nodl on the team, should he be claimed or sent to Adirondack, the Flyers will have roughly $5.125 million in room to work with. If Nodl stays, the number drops to $4.28 million. (We'll show our work after the jump.)

Of course, that money isn't permanent savings. It comes back against the cap as soon as guys return of long-term injured reserve, so it's not like the team can just go grab a $5 million defenseman and call it day. What they can do, though, is get a guy to fill in on the blueline somewhere. Let's just hope that guy isn't Matt Walker.

Alright, how'd we get those cap numbers?

The 17 forwards on the roster total $34,375,277 against the salary cap. The nine defensemen on the roster cost $25,350,595 against the cap. Both goalies combine to cost $7,416,667. That's a total of $67,042,539.

You also have to add the $1,402,500 bonus overage from a year ago that the Flyers are paying against the cap this season, which gives you a total of $68,445,039. That's what the Flyers are spending.

Of course, the salary cap is $64,300,000. Take the LTIR exemption -- the cap numbers of Blair Betts, Ian Laperriere, Chris Pronger, Andreas Lilja and Erik Gustafsson combined -- of $8,425,596 and add that to the $64,300,000 cap limit. You get a number of $72,725,596, and that's  the spending limit the Flyers have. 

So, pretty simple: Subtract the number the Flyers are spending from their spending limit and you get $4,280,557. That's the money the Flyers can spend. That's with Andreas Nodl on the team still, and if he were to go to Adirondack or be picked up, the number would climb to $5,125,557.