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Eric Wellwood returned to Phantoms

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Eric Wellwood is heading back to the Phantoms today, as announced by the Flyers this morning before practice. Given the fact that the Flyers don't play until Wednesday and the Phantoms don't play until Friday, we'll have to expect that Wellwood will be staying down in Adirondack.

Perhaps this means somebody is ready to come back into the lineup. The Flyers have 14 forwards and six defensemen on the active roster with Wellwood gone, which could clear a roster spot for Chris Pronger to come off the injured reserve.

Andreas Nodl and Matt Read are also still injured, and while they don't need to have a roster spot cleared to return to the lineup, there's no need to have Wellwood around if one of them will be ready to go on Wednesday.

The Flyers have $1,132,461 in spending room under the cap, thanks to the LTIR cushion, after Wellwood's demotion.