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Well, at least HBO 24/7 will be entertaining: Bruins crush Flyers, 6-0

Actual Getty Images caption: "Tim Thomas #30 of the Boston Bruins makes a save against the Philadelphia Flyers ..."
Actual Getty Images caption: "Tim Thomas #30 of the Boston Bruins makes a save against the Philadelphia Flyers ..."
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John Tortorella beat Peter Laviolette in the f-bomb count on HBO 24/7's debut last week. We're guessing Lavi is going to be evening the scales on this week's installment. The Flyers were absolutely demolished today by the Boston Bruins, 6-0, on home ice, and the coach almost certainly lit into the team in the locker room.

You know all that cheery bullshit we saw last week on the show? There will be more of it this time around (thanks Caps), but damn, it actually might be sort of refreshing to see the other side of the coin. The Peter Laviolette Destroys A Fridge stuff. You're lying if you say you're not excited to watch that tirade on Wednesday night.

After all, you know what? Yeah, they lost 6-0 today. It sucked a big one. But they just won seven straight games, and a 6-0 loss is just as bad in the standings as a 1-0 loss. I'm less concerned about the loss on the scoreboard than I am about the injuries continuing to pile up, anyway.

Sean Couturier left the game after getting hit in the head with a friggin hockey puck. Kimmo Timonen blasted and Juicy's head got in the way. Because the Flyers absolutely cannot catch a break when it comes to injuries. He went to the hospital, according to Paul Holmgren after the game, and let's all hope he's okay. Precautionary and all of that stuff.

Ugh, alright. Abrupt ending but I'm done writing about this game. At least this was neat...

Eat it, Lucic. Horton too.

Questions with Answers

  1. Today is the first game where the Flyers know they're without Chris Pronger for the rest of the year. It doesn't seem like it'll change their attitude towards the game, but something like that can be jarring. Is there any impact in the way the team plays? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  2. The Bruins are 18-0-0 when they score three goals, so the Flyers keep them to under three goals, right? lol
  3. Boston is a very good road team, while the Flyers have been just average at home on the season. These trends clearly mean nothing... don't they? lol x2
  4. Don't look now, but Matt Carle has points in four straight games. Five? Pucks need to go in the net for players to get points.

Comment of the (Day)

Fuck this, I'm going food shopping.

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