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Milan Lucic suspended one game for hit on Zac Rinaldo

Milan Lucic has been suspended one game for his hit on Zac Rinaldo on Saturday afternoon, as seen in the video above. Rinaldo wasn't hurt on the play and Lucic picked up a five minute major and a game misconduct in the process. He'll miss the Bruins game against Montreal as a result of the suspension, first reported by TSN.

Lucic had a pretty golden response to the hit after Saturday's game, via NESN.

"I noticed he was in a bit of a vulnerable position," Lucic said following the Bruins' 6-0 victory. "I looked and watched the tape again in slo-mo and I looked at the point of contact and it was his shoudler more than anything. And you can see him turning ... when he was going into the boards.

Translation: I noticed he was in a vulnerable position.... and then I hit him anyway.