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Winter Classic 2012: Citizens Bank Park is going to look pretty incredible


That's the official rendering of what the NHL hopes Citizens Bank Park will look like two weeks from today when the Philadelphia Flyers host the New York Rangers at the ballpark. They'll obviously need some weather coordination for that, but either way, it's definitely going to be pretty fantastic. Except uh, screw that Rangers fan in the front left there.

The rink build officially began today, with the refrigeration truck showing up out on Hartranft Street. They'll be running piping from the truck, across scaffolding over Ashburn Alley, down a big ramp and onto the playing field to the rink over the next few days. The decking on the field will continue to be laid down over the next few days as well, and then it's time for boards and glass and all of that.

The crew hopes to get the ice down -- at least a base -- before the weekend, so they can return to their respective corners of the continent for Christmas, although they only get to leave if everything is on track. After that, it's full steam ahead in putting on the finishing touches next week. The game is only 14 days away, and the Alumni game is just 12 days away.

I think the one thing that's surprising is that mound of temporary bleachers in center field. (Unless you have tickets there. Then, I guess they're not that surprising at all.) Those will block off the ivy and the bullpen and create a lot more seats for the game, but it looks like they shield some of the outfield seats from a full view of the ice. They certainly take away some killer standing room views out on Ashburn Alley.