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Matt Walker clears re-entry waivers

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Rue the day we applaud the fact Matt Walker is a member of the Philadelphia Flyers again, but that's the situation we're in today. He's cleared re-entry waivers, and Paul Holmgren has dodged a serious bullet. He's been called up from the Phantoms and will be available to Peter Laviolette tonight in Anaheim.

Had Walker been claimed on waivers, which we estimated at about a 50/50 chance a day ago given the need for depth at defense around the league, the Flyers would have been saddled with $850,000 against the cap for this season and next.

Instead, they have to pay his $1.7 million against the cap while he's still here, but we know he's just going to be headed back to Adirondack on regular waivers once Chris Pronger and Erik Gustafsson return from injury. So really, it's not a huge deal.

Either way, I still hope Kevin Marshall and Marc-Andre Bourdon continue to play well, because that means we don't have to see Walker on the ice. Let's just leave him in the press box as a really expensive insurance policy, shall we?