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So uh, Claude Giroux has been healthy for three days?

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We've been worrying about Claude Giroux's health for well over a week now, and when he skated in a non-contact jersey in Colorado on Sunday afternoon, it was encouraging. When he skated today in practice and took contact, that was a better sign, but the worries were still there.

Are they rushing him?

Well, perhaps not. According to Paul Holmgren tonight, Giroux has been cleared by doctors since Saturday. He's been cleared for everything. Like, "cleared to resume all activity." The full statement from Holmgren:

"Claude was cleared to resume all activity on Saturday. He is practicing hard and is listed as day to day."

So hey, maybe they haven't been rushing him at all. Maybe they've actually be cautious here. And hey, maybe he'll be in the lineup tomorrow night in Dallas. If he's practicing with his line in practice, as Anthony SanFilippo reported there, then it certainly seems like he'll be in the lineup tomorrow. Let's hope so, and let's hope everything is okay.