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Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent to be enshrined at Xfinity Live!

Hey, so if you haven't heard, that whole Philly Live! thing that's replacing the Spectrum is now called Xfinity Live! And by putting an exclamation mark at the end of the branding, it means we're forced to be really excited about the whole thing, even if we're really not. Those sneaky bastards.

In any case, the development that's under construction in the Wells Fargo Center parking lot right now is pretty exciting. It's going to have a bunch of awesome stuff -- a big outdoor theater, a huge sports bar, the Victory Beer Hall, several other restaurants and shops. The grand opening is April 5. Yes, 2012.

The development will also include those old statues that stood outside the Spectrum -- Gary Dornhoefer, Kate Smith and Julius Erving. Joining them in bronzed perpetuity at the site will be Bernie Parent and Bob Clarke, hoisting the Stanley Cup, according to a report in the Daily News today. Awesome.