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Claude Giroux, Peter Laviolette are incredible; Oh, and Flyers beat Stars, 4-1

Remember when that Sidney Crosby dude came back from a concussion and scored four points in his first game back? Yeah, Claude Giroux can do that too. The Hart Trophy frontrunner (yeah, I said it) scored four of his own tonight -- one on each Flyers goal -- as they crushed the Dallas Stars, 4-1.

While G is the man and everything, let's not pretend like he was the real story of the game. I mean, he was and all, but the lingering impact from this one focuses on the physical play between two teams you wouldn't think would have all that much hatred for one another. And how Peter Laviolette is a complete BAMF.

Both teams combined for 42 penalty minutes, but really, it probably should've been much more than that. The officials were atrocious on both sides of the puck and didn't handle the physical play well at all. The game got out of hand. But that was all after Laviolette and Steve Ott got into it in the locker room tunnel after the first period.

See, Dallas is one of those arenas where the visiting team has to skate down to the corner to get off the ice and to their locker room. Without skates on, some visiting coaches opt to walk down the Stars' tunnel to the bowels of the arena, where they can navigate the halls to their own locker room. That's what Lavi did, but with Ott running all over the place in the first period -- notably in the direction of Giroux -- the coach clearly wasn't happy.

We have the greatest coach in hockey history. This is not debatable. He took the high road after game, pivoting away from the confrontation and calling it "a huge win for our organization." The video of his media chat after the game only grows the legend. Ott, meanwhile, is a huge baby.

I don't know, it's disrespect of our building obviously. Just let our team off, it's not really that big of a deal. He obviously thought he's got higher power than everybody else and a little bit more arrogance than most coaches in the whole NHL. That's probably the first time I've seen that. I would never do that to Philadelphia if I was in their building and I had to walk through the lineup. Just let us go and show a little respect, that's all.

What drove it? Was it a little hard play on Giroux?

Oh, I don't know. I mean obviously it was probably his own arrogance going to their dressing room.

Whatever you say, buddy.

Other things from the game:

-- Worth noting again: Claude Giroux is a sexy mother f'er. He has a six-game point streak, because he's the man. And all the sudden, he leads the NHL in points again.

-- His chemistry with Jaromir Jagr is really something to behold. The two are just ridiculous, and it's an absolute honor to watch them play the game. Cherish it. Seriously.

-- To the guy standing up constantly behind the net where the Stars shot twice tonight: You need to be taught a lesson, because you are perhaps the most obnoxious hockey fan to ever attend a game. Stop doing everything that you've ever done. And that outfit looked ridiculous.

-- Sergei Bobrovsky was ri-god-damn-diculous tonight. He wound up with 30 saves in the game, and a lot of them were really huge, especially in the second period.

-- The power play was also really strong, and it made the Stars pay for some of the extra rough play. They took six minors, giving the Flyers five power plays in the game, on which they scored two of their four goals.

Questions with Answers

  1. If Claude Giroux plays, how does he look? Haha, silly question. Like orange Jesus, obviously.
  2. Jakub Voracek really stood out in the Colorado game. How's he look tonight? Thought he was good. Not as noticeable with G back in there, but still solid.
  3. Danny Briere has been breaking out of his shell a little bit over the last few games. More? He didn't get on the scoresheet, but he did make five attempts at the net, and three got on goal.
  4. Dallas has PP goals in six of their last eight games. Can the Flyers PK stop the hot stretch? Why yes, as a matter of fact they can.

Comment of the Night


>> everybodyhitswoohoo, on Andrej Meszaros' goal

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