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Winter Classic 2012: So uh, it's going to rain?

They're making the ice at Citizens Bank Park this week. They're covering up all the Phillies stuff with Flyers stuff. There will be an Alumni Game played Saturday and hopefully, an NHL regular season game played there next Monday.

We say hopefully because Mother Nature doesn't always like to cooperate, and if the initial forecast is any indication, she may not cooperate seven days from now. is calling for temperatures in the mid-40s, which is completely fine for hockey outdoors. Quite pleasant, actually.

But they're also calling for a 60 percent chance of precipitation, and when it's 45 degrees outside, precipitation comes in the form of rain. Obviously, the forecast can and will change over the course of the week, so we'll be sure to keep an eye on it. This isn't the greatest news in the world, though. Go away, rain.

On the plus side (perhaps), you can still drop some of your hard-earned cash on the opportunity to skate on the ice at the ballpark, and you'll get to do it before the rain.