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Lightning crush Flyers, 5-1: Awful second period, Ilya Bryzgalov to blame

With Chris Pronger out for the year and guys like Marc-Andre Bourdon and Andreas Lilja playing significant minutes on the blueline, you'd expect the defense to be the weak link for this Philadelphia Flyers team. After some early season struggles reversed themselves, however, Ilya Bryzgalov has been right back to his old ways, playing like utter crap in the Flyers 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning Wednesday night.

Sure, Bryz owned up to the awful performance after the game, but talk is cheap, and at least three Tampa goals were the fault of the goaltender this evening -- a weak goal by Bruno Gervais that beat him short side, a cheap rebound that was buried by Steven Stamkos, and a terrible read on a play between Pavel Kubina and Steve Downie.

The Flyers probably outplayed the Lightning for most of the hockey game, save the second period when they were outshot about a billion to three. The power play couldn't convert and luck was certainly not on their side, but with some solid help in net, this was a game the Flyers could have and should have won. Instead, it turned into a lopsided loss, and the questions are getting louder about Bryzgalov's play. As they rightfully should.

After the jump, the lone bright spot of the evening. Yes, it's related to Claude Giroux.

God, this guy is awesome. Just watch the play he makes, feeding the puck to himself off the boards before finding Scott Hartnell in front.

Oh, and Wayne Simmonds destroying Eric Brewer was also rather awesome. Sort of overshadowed by losing 5-1 though, wouldn't you say?

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