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As if you didn't think Peter Laviolette was awesome enough

Do we even need to say it? Not safe for work + 24/7 spoiler warning in that video above.

Peter Laviolette is probably my hero, and I have to say, even in situations when most people might come off in a negative light --- Bruce Boudreau comes to mind -- Lavi comes out shining like a champ. This speech during the second intermission of last week's game against the Colorado Avalanche was no different.

Keep in mind that the team was only down a goal at this point, too, although we all know how warranted this was from watching that abysmal second period in that game.

Scoring chances that period were seven to one. For the opposition. Do you know why, Hartsy? Cause it's about as fuckin' casual as it gets. As casual as it gets. In Boston we said, 'alright, it got mixed into the schedule, let's turn the page.' Somebody tell me what the FUCK is the difference now? What's the problem now?

I wanna see people rip their heart out of their fuckin' chest this period, and if ya don't, you're probably not gonna like your ice time. Take your first shift, you'll get it. Earn the second one. I'm not puttin' up with it. It's too much horse shit. It's oo much. Don't allow it.

D-zone coverage? Soft down low. Out to the points, casual strides. We don't wanna block a shot, 'cause it hurts. One game Boston, alright let's move on. Tonight? Unacceptable. Not gonna happen. We're way better than what we just showed, every guy in here knows it, and you should not accept it. Don't.

You got twenty minutes. You win a period, you win a game, we move on. But you need to dig in right now. Every guy. Enough is enough. Start playing with some jam in here. Let's go.