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Video: Claude Giroux, Peter Laviolette own you, Steve Ott

Probably the best part of this clip from last night's 24/7 is that Claude Giroux didn't even really have to do anything extra to make Steve Ott look like a total moron. Ott basically just did it to himself. In case you can't watch a video with a bunch of swearing at your place of employment or whatever, here's the wonderful transcript:

GIROUX: Are you taking this faceoff?

OTT: I'm fifth in the league.

G: At what?

OTT: At faceoffs, look at

G: You are?

OTT: You're a good player, you're doing well--

G: I never said you were bad.

OTT: I'm fifth in the league, so I'm probably gonna win it right here. K?

G: *slight giggle* Alright.

[whistle blows, puck drops, Giroux wins faceoff, Flyers score]

The best part isn't even that Giroux won the faceoff, or even that the Flyers scored a goal as a result of winning that faceoff. It's that Ott is telling the NHL's leading scorer to "check" while also deadpanning that he's "doing well."

Jesus, man. Now we all know why Peter Laviolette told you to go fuck yourself.

See, Peter Laviolette was just walking to his locker room, and as is typical in Dallas, the visiting coaching staff uses the same tunnel as the home team. It's not a terribly small tunnel, and it's not out of the question that a man in a suit and a bunch of dudes in hockey gear could fit down said tunnel at the same time.

In fact, walking immediately in front of Laviolette with no problem was Flyers equipment manager Derek Settlemyre. You'll notice how none of the Stars have any issue with that, but Ott decided to take matters into his own hands with Lavi. The beautifully profane transcript:

OTT: Oh, no no no, show some class and you're gonna let out team go.

[Laviolette pushes one way, pushes the other]

OTT: Hey!

LAVI: Go fuck yourself.

[Lavi pushes past Ott]

LAVI: Go fuck yourself.

OTT: Hey! This is my team here! Show some fucking class!

Maybe Lavi should've just let the Stars go -- hell, I don't know the protocol here at all, I don't watch Stars games that closely -- but considering Settlemyre walked down the hall with a hockey stick in his hand and not one Dallas player batted an eyelash, I can't help but think Ott is just a whiny little punk.

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