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Flying V-ictory: Flyers 4, Ducks 3

I totally wasn't planning on doing a recap, but after period threads that made jokes of a song about child abuse and Guy Germaine's paternity, I thought I should redeem myself a bit after this awesome win.

Flyers won. They weren't winning for most of the game, but then they won, and gosh, it was swell.

Here are some answers to some questions:

  1. How fired up are the Ducks under new head coach Bruce Boudreau? They started really well. But I think some tryptophan knocked em out by the end.
  2. How do the Flyers look after a week off? Started slow, finished fast. The ladies loved it.
  3. Corey Perry has a seven-game point streak. Can the Flyers shut him down? I think so? I don't remember him doing anything, not really in the mood to find a box score.
  4. How does the defense look? Bryzgalov was iffy, but generally stuff was solid.
  5. How does Jagr look, back in the lineup after his groin issues? Groin issues? Pretty sure he scored a goal off his perineum.

Did you know the actors who played Guy Germaine and Fulton Reed are brothers?!??!?!?!!!

And now a video to ponder:

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