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Sidney Crosby to miss Thursday's game vs. Flyers

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Sidney Crosby was supposed to make his first visit to the Wells Fargo Center since last December on Thursday night, but that won't be happening.

Crosby will be out of Thursday's game against the Flyers, as well as the Penguins' next game on Saturday against the Islanders, as a precaution after taking a hit from teammate Chris Kunitz on Monday night.

He took some tests today and they came back fine, but he's not feeling 100 percent. Let's be happy that it doesn't appear to be a serious setback, and let's hope it doesn't become anything serious. But I guess we don't have to pretend that we're upset he won't be playing against our team, either.

Now, this means we won't get to see that much debated showdown between Crosby and Claude Giroux. But, I mean, Max Talbot said Giroux is at the same level as Crosby, so I guess that's been settled already anyway.