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Concussions for everybody! Chris Pronger, Brayden Schenn out indefinitely

We're not even 30 games into the regular season and Chris Pronger has been hit in the eye with a stick, he's had a mysterious "virus" that knocked him out for over a week, and he's had knee surgery.

Now, he has a concussion. Or "concussion-like symptoms." We're going to go out on a limb and say the virus probably was actually this head thing.

The Flyers announced the news Friday afternoon, and who the hell knows if they're being completely honest even now. They're never completely honest -- this is just more evidence of that -- so let's just never trust them on injuries again. Pronger will probably have a kidney transplant next week at this rate.

On top of that, Brayden Schenn's upper-body injury is a mild concussion, according to the team. Here's the release from Paul Holmgren:

While Chris' knee is improving, he has struggled with other issues that are concussion-like symptoms. Chris will see Dr. Joe Maroon and Dr. Mickey Collins on Wednesday, December 14th in Pittsburgh for further evaluation. Chris will be out indefinitely.

Brayden reported "not feeling himself" on December 5th. Our doctors believe he has a mild concussion. Brayden will be out indefinitely.

Collins is the doctor that dealt/is dealing with Sidney Crosby's head injury. Nightmare.