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Video: Jeff Skinner takes a run at Braydon Coburn, drops F-bomb

Jeff Skinner's a pretty fantastic young talent, and at the All-Star Game in Raleigh two weekends ago, the show was really all about the hometown kid with the boyish good looks and all the charm in the world.

As if you needed more evidence that the All-Star Game is huge break from the norm of the NHL season, here's what happens when the real games resume. Video via the YouTube wizard, BSH reader FlyerGuy18 -- it's not safe for work. 

Clearly, and this isn't just the bias speaking, Skinner was at fault here. After Coburn stands him up with a beautiful defensive play at the blueline, the kid was clearly a bit irritated. Hey, it happens to everybody. But instead of just putting his head down and trying again, Skinner gets off his game a little bit.

He skates all the way across the ice in the neutral zone to meet Coburn, who has the puck, and tries to perform a little pay back. Long after Coburn loses the puck, Skinner's still there hassling No. 5, so Coburn does some of what he does best and puts the kid on his ass again. 

Ah, Skinner no likey. Coburn's involved in a little puck battle along the wall with two Carolina players and Skinner makes a run at Coburn. That's charging, also known as a two minute penalty. 

Are you f*cking serious?! That's a f*cking joke!

Nah, man. You were the joke on this one.