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Video: Jarret Stoll's hit from behind on Chris Pronger

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Chris Pronger was furious yesterday afternoon after taking this hit from Kings' forward Jarret Stoll, which unfortunately you can't seen in the video there. It's certainly the angriest The Pronger has been all year, though. Take my word on that one. Here's what he had to say (video of his comments here) after the game.

Q: Chris, were you surprised Stoll didn't get a cross-checking penalty?

"I don't think anything surprises me anymore."


Q: Are the rules a little blurred on hits along the boards? Do the players really know what's going to be called and what's not?

"I don't know, I think guys do."

Q: Was that a case where he hit you from the side?

"No he got me from behind. I knew he was coming, he told me he was coming. I mean there was no where I could go. I had my stick on the puck so I couldn't really put my hands up to protect myself or anything like that. There's not really much else I can do there."

Q: He told you he was coming?

"Yeah. Well I knew he was coming already, doesn't mean he has to hit me from behind though."

Q: Were you ok? It looked like your head hit the boards.

"Yeah, it hit the boards."

Q: Is that why you're ok? (ed note: hilarious question)

"(Laughs) Hey there you go, what are you getting at? (Laughs continue) Is that it?  Nothing out of you, eh Tim?"

The still photo of the hit is deceiving, but the video clearly shows that Stoll was looking at a big 2-0 when he came towards him. When I saw the photo yesterday I questioned whether The Pronger was being truthful, but I think the video clears that up. Shame on me for questioning His Prongerness. 

I'd say Stoll deserves a game here. Jewels From The Crown agrees (or, "wouldn't be surprised").