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Video: Kris Versteeg talks about leaving Toronto, joining Flyers

No doubt that Kris Versteeg is excited to come to Philadelphia. You see a lot of these videos where the player is sad to leave, even when he's leaving a bad club. Besides a mention of having a lot of friends in Toronto, Versteeg focuses just about the entire interview on talking about the Flyers and the future, not looking to the past.

That's understandable. He didn't have the best run in Toronto, and moving to Philadelphia and the Flyers is a dramatic way to turn the page. One thing to take out of the interview: it looks like he's trying to get to Tampa to perhaps play tomorrow night. We'll see. 

No matter what you think about what the Flyers gave up or what the future holds after this season following this deal, I'm not sure how we can't be excited about what Versteeg will bring to the team. Hopefully we get our first taste of it tomorrow night.