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Kris Versteeg: No. 10, Philadelphia Flyers

Photo via <a href="" target="new">Frank Seravalli</a> of the Daily News in Tampa. (<a href="" target="new">Plixi</a>)
Photo via Frank Seravalli of the Daily News in Tampa. (Plixi)

Kris Versteeg wore No. 32 with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks, but that was never his number of choice. He's always been a No. 10 guy, and now that he's with the Philadelphia Flyers, he's going back.

Versteeg will wear No. 10 with the Flyers, according to the team. In an interview with back when he was with the Blackhawks, Versteeg said that the No. 32 was given to him and that he couldn't have No. 10 because of our old friend Patrick Sharp.

It was given to me, actually. (laughing) I'd never pick No. 32, to tell you the truth. But uh, No. 10 has always been my number but I think a pretty good player's got it so I don't think I'll be getting it any time soon.

No. 10 is retired in Toronto in honor of both Syl Apps and George Armstrong. Versteeg will wear No. 10 tonight with the Flyers, a number no Flyer has worn since John LeClair last did in 2004. He's in Tampa and he's playing tonight. Brian Boucher gets the start in goal, according to the media on the ground there.

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