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BSH Radio 31: Kris Versteeg joins the Flyers, trivia re-joins the show

This picture is unrelated.
This picture is unrelated.

We had some fun on this week's BSH Radio and we'll get to that in a second, but first, a quick note on a story that kind of blew up over the weekend.

If you'll recall, we blasted the "Kris Versteeg to the Flyers" rumors over the weekend based on their source, a story on Bleacher Report by "Featured Columnist" Mike Pantaleone. The basis of our criticism was the labeling of this speculation by Pantaleone as rumor, a term that carries with it a lot more clout.

As a result of the Bleacher Report story -- which was the only report on any potential Versteeg-to-the-Flyers "rumors" before Saturday night when Tim Panaccio reported the same news with actual sourcing and a quote from Brian Burke -- Yahoo!'s Mark J. Martin irresponsibly mentioned without sourcing of his own in a story that the Flyers were one of two teams interested in Versteeg. 

It makes no difference that Versteeg actually did get traded to the Flyers. After all, we even mentioned that it made sense and was a possibility. Our issue was that there was no sourcing on a story clearly labeled as rumor, not speculation as it should have been. We stand by what was written on Saturday. 

Word choice always matters. It's our journalistic responsibility to get those words right.

So why do we bring this up again? Mr. Pantaleone showed public disapproval with what we had to say about his story on Saturday and requested a chance to sit down and hash things out. We invited him on the radio program this week and promised a fair debate on the subject.

After initially agreeing, he backed out an hour before taping after the higher-ups at Bleacher Report told him he could not come on, according to his own account. The invitation for an open debate on the topic is still on the table and will remain on the table. 

Anyway, moving on. We'll talk about the radio show after the jump. TRIVIA!

The most creative man any of us know, the one-and-only Mr. Mike Five, joined the show this week to re-claim his trivia title. We won't give away the results, but Mr. Five is a smart man. Has a memory like a fox. What, foxes aren't known for their memory? Oh, whatever.

We also did discuss the Versteeg trade a bit. What's his impact on this team as they prepare for the stretch run? What's his contract mean for Ville Leino and the team next year? How valuable is a first round pick? 

All that and lots of Ovechtricks on this week's BSH Radio. Get the show below.