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CSN draws biggest audience since '02 for Flyers vs. Lightning

You know how they moved last night's game from The Comcast Network to Comcast SportsNet? Yeah, good call. From CSN Philly, via Fang's Bites:

Last night's Flyers shootout win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Comcast SportsNet delivered a 3.7 household rating (112,000 HHs), making it the highest regular season Flyers game on Comcast SportsNet since October 22, 2002 vs. Buffalo. The game peaked at a 5.0 rating (152,000 HHs) at 10:15 p.m.

In February, the Flyers are averaging a 2.8 rating (85,000 HHs), a 27% increase over the season average of 2.2 rating (67,000 HHs) and a 40% increase over February 2010.

Fans also tuned into Flyers Pregame Live in record numbers with the program delivering a 1.5 rating (46,000 HHs), making it the highest rated regular season Flyers Pregame Live ever on Comcast SportsNet.

Think about some of the games that have been on CSN in the last nine years and you'll realize how big last night's game was. Also, I think it's safe to say that Philadelphia is all in with this Flyers team this year, which is always great to see. We'll see if it stays that way after April 1.