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Ray Emery, ready to make a return, speaks kindly of Paddock, Flyers

It's hard not to look at Ray Emery and feel sorry for the guy. After an Ottawa train-wreck that led to his exile to Russia, he returned to the NHL and the Philadelphia Flyers a year ago, hoping to revive his career and ultimately, win a Stanley Cup. He played well

Then, he was struck down by a disease called avascular necrosis, a condition where the lack of blood flow to an area causes bone to... well, die. His Flyers career ended and it looked a lot like his hockey career would be over too.

But now, just about a year later, Emery's ready to make a return. CBC's Elliotte Friedman has a fantastic profile of No. 29, and among questions of his health and his ability to stop the puck at the NHL level following his injury, Emery says which team he'd like to come back and play for.

If he could pick a team, it's an easy call: The Flyers. "I loved it there. Great group of guys, always hung out together. No small groups of four or five, split up from everyone else."    

The goaltending situation here is finally somewhat steady, so we know Emery won't be coming here again any time soon. I think we can all wish him luck, though. 

One other thing of interest locally. If you recall, Emery's divorce with the Senators basically led to the demise of then-Sens coach, now-Flyers Assistant GM, John Paddock. Despite all of the crap the two went through, Emery had this to say about Paddock:

"For [someone like that] to stick by you," he pauses, "puts things in perspective."    

After all this guy's been through over his hockey career so far, you have to hope he can really make a successful comeback somewhere, even if its not here.