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Flyers hold off Ranger push, take no penalties in win at MSG

Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images
Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images
Getty Images

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There have been two games in the history of the Philadelphia Flyers in which the team has not taken a penalty. According to long-time beat writer Wayne Fish, those games came in 1979 and 2000. Add today's game against the New York Rangers to the list. Yes, a game against the Rangers with no penalties. 

The Flyers avoided the box for the entire 60 minutes in a game that we expected might have some fisticuffs. Instead, it was just another Flyers win over the Rangers. The good guys are now 4-0 over the Rangers on the season, which is always fun. New York sucks.

It wasn't easy, though. After being dominated for most of the first period, the Flyers seemed to find their legs a bit late and were able to tie the score at 1-1 thanks to some great work from Claude Giroux and a deflection from Jeff Carter. Those two teamed up again in the second period on the power play before Dan Carcillo gave the Flyers a two-goal lead on a backhander that Lundqvist will probably have nightmares over. 

Brian Boucher went down with some kind of injury in the third period, and while it looked really bad initially as he wiggled around the crease in pain, he stayed in the game. No idea what actually happened there, but he seemed fine down the stretch of the game. Derek Stepan scored a few moments after the injury on a bit of a brokenplay in front of the net, and the Rangers used that goal to give themselves some jump. 

They wound up outshooting the Flyers 15-3 in the third period, but it just wasn't good enough to win today. Kris Versteeg's first as a Flyer was an empty netter to seal the deal. Maybe next time, New York. 

After the jump, questions answered and the comment of the day. 

One bullet point:

- Sean O'Donnell left the game early in the first period and didn't return. No idea what happened, although it looked like it could've been a knee. We'll know more tomorrow, probably.

Questions with Answers

  1. Long memories. What do the Flyers do to Sean Avery today? Nothing at all. 
  2. Kris Versteeg looked a little lost against Carolina. With Mike Richards likely back today, can he look a bit more comfortable out there? He looked better today, although he didn't play much with Richards. He scored a goal, even though it's an empty netter. We'll take it. 
  3. As has been the case a lot lately, the Rangers need this game a lot more than the Flyers do. Can they match the intensity? In stretches, yes. The Rangers certainly seemed like they wanted it more in the third. 
  4. Season sweep of the Rangers? Stupid question. There are two more games against them, idiot. 

Comment of the Day

If you hear one say something about it, tell ‘em they're right...we should name the final game of the SCF ‘Hockey Day in America'.

>> HuckNZ, on Canadians making fun of "Hockey Day"