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Scottie Upshall can't 'cut the cord' with Philadelphia

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We all knew Scottie Upshall loved Philadelphia. Most of Philadelphia seemed to love him too, for some reason I still don't completely understand. I mean, sure, I liked him as a player and he seemed like a good dude and everything, but with the way people still clamor for his return, you'd think he was Rod Brind'Amour or something. 

In any event, Upshall loved it here. He cried when he left. Apparently, he can't "cut the cord." His Phoenix Coyotes are already in town ahead of Tuesday night's game at the Wells Fargo Center, and the ex-Flyer is meeting up with a few of his old teammates tonight in town. 

Via the always-awesome Twitter feed of Coyotes forward healthy scratch Paul Bissonnette:

Going out to eat with my old pals Dan Carcillo and jeff Carter. @ScottieUpshall is coming obviously. Guy loves this city. #CutTheCordUppy

And from Upshall's Twitter feed...

Back in Philly! Air feels good out here. Excited for Tuesday. Everyone got their tickets?!? The best restaurants in the world here too... Agh, I only have 2 nights... What to go w/? Thinking Morimoto 2nite and Amada 2morrow!

Tuesday will be Upshall's first game back in Philadelphia since the trade for Carcillo in March 2009.