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Phantom overtime penalty gives Coyotes 3-2 win over Flyers

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PHILADELPHIA -- According to the stat sheet, Kimmo Timonen took a hooking penalty in overtime tonight, and as a result, Shane Doan scored a game-winning goal as the Phoenix Coyotes topped the Philadelphia Flyers, 3-2. 

Go back and watch overtime and you'll wonder where the hell that penalty came from. It was a phantom hooking call that shouldn't have been called, and it essentially robbed the Flyers of a legitimate shot to earn two points tonight. In fact, they probably should have won this one in regulation, but Ilya Bryzgalov was brilliant (as was the post) and their own power play failed to capitalize on several swarming second period opportunities. 

It was his 19th start in a row and he talked after the game about how it can be a little tiring at times, especially considering his team is in the thick of an absolutely insane Western Conference playoff race. But winning games like this against the best team in the Eastern Conference -- a game that, honestly, they probably should have lost -- will get him over that. 

The same can't be said for the Flyers. While they earned a point thanks to Claude Giroux's late third period goal, it feels like a night of missed opportunities. Shots that were just an inch too wide. Some hot play from a fantastic goaltender. 

Bullet points, questions, video and the comment of the night after the jump.

  • Scottie Upshall hit Oskars Bartulis into the boards in the second period. Bartulis left the game and didn't return. Paul Holmgren said it was a shoulder injury and that he'll have an MRI tomorrow.
  • Upshall said it was just a hit that happens sometimes, shoulder-to-shoulder, etc. Video of what he said below. Homer and Peter Laviolette disagreed. I tend to agree with Upshall. Clean hit, unfortunate result.
  • In even more shocking news: Holmgren said that Sean O`Donnell, who he said could play on Thursday just one day after saying he'd be out 10 to 14 days. Jesus.
  • Jody Shelley crushed Nolan Yonkman in a second period fight. He was bloodied and had to go in for 60 stitches, but he definitely got the better of Yonkman despite giving up two inches and 20 pounds. 

Shutout Jinxers of the Night

  • Sam Carchidi
  • Al Morganti

I went into the Coyotes locker room tonight, so here's some of those videos. Just one Flyers video tonight. 

Post-Game Video: Ilya Bryzgalov

Post-Game Video: Scottie Upshall

Post-Game Video: Shane Doan

Post-Game Video: Kimmo Timonen

Questions with Answers

  1. What's the reception like for Scottie Upshall? Well, it was greeat until he killed Oskars Bartulis. 
  2. It seems like Sergei Bobrovsky has success against teams he's never faced before. At least in my memory. Is that the case tonight? He was pretty good until a weak goal from Taylor Pyatt in the third period tossed all that aside. 
  3. The Coyotes are the hottest team in the league not named the Devils. Can the Flyers possibly slow them down? Nope, not really. Seemed like they were going to, but nah. They're good. Bryzgalov is better. 
  4. How does Oskars Bartulis look out there? No comment. 

Comment of the Night

Yonkman looked like he had second thoughts midway through.

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