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BSH Radio 30: Matt Carle's donations, Ville Leino's contract, and who's No. 1?

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Hey, we're back. We'll get this semi-regular thing down eventually. It's just so hard to find things to talk about since our hockey team is damned good, ya know?

Anyway, we did find a few things to talk about this week, although Ben, Geoff and I seemed to agree on just about everything this week, so it actually turned out being one of the shorter shows we've done. We chat about Matt Carle's donation drive and how people are silly to criticize him for that.

We open the show with a chat about the Flyers' top opponents in the Eastern Conference -- Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. Evgeni Malkin's injury and the Lightning's apparent dominance of the Flyers are just a few of the discussion points. 

Eventually, we stumble our way into a conversation about Ville Leino's contract offer and what that means for the team as they move forward. We also touch on the "Do we need a No. 1 goalie?" debate. 

You can get this week's show after the jump.