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Chris Pronger out with 'upper-body injury'

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Nick Boynton will make his Flyers debut tonight, but it's not the way we wanted this to go down. Chris Pronger will be out of the lineup tonight with what the team is calling an upper-body injury. He's listed as day-to-day, and that's all the information we have available to us at the moment.

Of course, just two weeks ago, Pronger took a puck off the hand and missed the game against the Ottawa Senators with that injury. We were assured that he was fine and that he'd be okay after missing just the one game, and while we don't know if it's the same issue bugging him today, but some of the beat writers in Toronto today have suggested that's the case.

Pronger wouldn't answer questions, directing all inqueries to Paul Holmgren. That's usually not a good sign. In any event, we'll get some Boynton action this evening. Should be fun to see how that goes.

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