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BSH Radio 33: How worried should we be about the Flyers recent play?

After last week's debacle of a radio show that will be thankfully tucked away in the abyss of my computer for the rest of time, we return this week with a new trivia challenger and a listen-able version of BSH Radio.

Reigning champeen mikefive was challenged by Justin F., and much like an episode of Maury before the commercial break, the results will SHOCK YOU. Well, this isn't a paternity test, but whatever.

Ben was absent this week, so after the SHOCKING TRIVIA GAME, Geoff and I got into the issues of the week. Should we be concerned about the Flyers right now? What exactly should we be worried about?

Also, we get pretty in-depth about Eric's article on who the Flyers should face in the postseason. We talk about charts and graphs and stuff. Pretty nerdy and awesome.

Get the show after the jump.

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