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Holmgren: Chris Pronger is still day-to-day

PHILADELPHIA -- Paul Holmgren talked to the media after the first period of tonight's game against the Atlanta Thrashers. He updated Chris Pronger's status. UPDATE: Nothing new. He's still day-to-day with hurt feelings, or whatever he likes to say. 

Full transcript, courtesy of the Flyers PR department, after the jump.

Q: Can you give us an update on Pronger and his cast?

"It's just to help with the soreness and the healing.  It's the same as it was yesterday, day-to-day."

Q: Is he wearing a different cast than he has been?

"No, it's the same.  He's had this on for a couple of days now."

Q: He has had the hand x-rayed, right?

"X-rayed, MRI-ed."

Q: Everything was negative, right?

"So far."

Q: The fact that he is wearing a cast now, he can't play with this kind of cast, right?

"He was better today in practice and that's all we can do about it.  It's going to get better each day, and we're hoping by the next game he feels good enough to play. As it continues to get better, we'll see how it goes."

Q: Can you be more specific?  Is the problem in the wrist?  Is the problem a tendon in the wrist to the hand that affects his ability to grip?

"Well, there is obviously something going on in there that's inhibiting the strength of it. As I said, he will continue to get better each day.  If you are a hockey player and you can't grip your stick, you're going to have a hard time."

Q: Will he make the road trip?


 Q: No thoughts of shutting him down, for say a week maybe, to let it heal?

"No.  If we get to that point, obviously that's not an issue. Chris [Pronger] wants to play, and when he feels like he can play, he'll play."

Q: When you say that you haven't seen anything on the MRI or x-rays so far, is that because of swelling?

"No.  The swelling went down.  I'm not worried.  I think everything is clear."

Q: Would he consider seeing a specialist?

"He is seeing specialists in our own town.  Dr. Culp is a hand specialist.  Dr. Graham is one of the top hand specialists in the world.  He is at the game tonight.  I don't think that's an issue."

Q: Did something happen at the Edmonton game?  Did he take a shot?

"No.  It's just, he thought it was good and obviously it wasn't.  He wasn't completely 100% when he played that game.  Now he is taking a little bit of a step back but like I said, he has gotten better the last few days.  [He has] not really taken part of anything with a puck."

Q: Are you worried at all?

"Not at all.  Some of that is because of our depth at defense.  I happen to like it when Meszaros, Carle, and Coburn play more minutes.  I don't think that's the issue."

Q: So he is day-to-day at this point?

"Yes.  Day-to-day."

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