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Flyers goalie tandem enjoy work together

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Both Sergei Bobrovsky and Brian Boucher say they're happy to work with each other and think they're doing a good job as a tandem.

"I don't consider Sergei as a competitor", Boucher says. "I think we're both doing an excellent job as a tandem. Sergei is a pleasure to work with."

"We have a good relationship", Bobrovsky confirms. "We support each other, always congratulate each other after wins. There's no competition. Whoever plays, gets full support from the whole team. The main thing is to win."

Bobrovsky says he can learn a lot of things from Boucher by just watching him play.

"I watch him and find things in his game that are useful. But I don't copy anything. He's played all his life in the NHL, so of course I have something to learn from him."

"He's a great goalie", Boucher says of Bobrovsky. "He's well prepared for the NHL physically. Maybe he needs a bit more experience, learn the language, and then he'll find that final piece of confidence."

"I'm glad to be his teammate."

But who will start in the playoffs? That seems to be up in the air at this point.

"The coach will decide that, but I'll do my best", Bobrovsky says.

Peter Laviolette stays non-committal.

"Both Boosh and Bobrovsky have played all season and both have a chance to lead the team in the playoffs."

What about Nikolay Zherdev, then? How does his future look like after clearing waivers? Laviolette says that the forward will get his chance with the Flyers.

"Once he cleared waivers and no teams picked him, he remains with us. He's a part of the Flyers. Yes, he may not be in the lineup every night, but we may need him in the future."

"Nicky will get a chance to prove himself. I wouldn't worry about that."

"I'm glad no one claimed him and he stayed with us", Bobrovsky adds.

 This report was based off of a Russian-language story in the publication Sport Express.

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