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Newly signed Oliver Lauridsen ready to join Phantoms

Flyers announced that they signed defenseman Oliver Lauridsen, a 7th round pick of the 2009 draft, to an entry level contract today. The deal is for two years.

While signing an NHL contract might be a dream come true to Lauridsen who turns 22 next week, he says it was a difficult decision to make.

"It was the most difficult decision of my life."

Oliver would've been joined by his younger brother Markus in college next season.

"First of all, both Markus and I wanted to play together in college, secondly, our team had started to play really well and I thought we could've gone all the way and thirdly, I would've welcomed a small vacation. I don't really get any time off now with a move to the pros right away."

"When I weighed down everything in my mind, I thought it was the right thing and the best thing to do for my development as a hockey player, and that's my biggest goal afterall."

Lauridsen says he will debut on the Phantoms already tomorrow if he passes the team's medical test.

"I must pass the medical first, so I don't know if I'll clear, but it's possible that I'll play already tomorrow."

Lauridsen says he's been a busy man lately.

"I've had to talk with my school to move some exams and all this stuff, but it doesn't really matter now. Now it's just the Flyers that matter."

Lauridsen says that the contract offer didn't come as a surprise.

"They saw me play every other weekend and I talked with them every week."

"It's great to get a chance with the Flyers. They are perfect for me, because they fit my style of play. I don't feel forced to play differently."

"The organization is also very professional and they've been really good to me since day one."


This report was based off of a Danis-language story released by TV2Sport.