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Pronger speaks about surgery, hopes to play before playoffs [Transcript]

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Chris Pronger spoke with reporters today about the hand surgery that he underwent in Cleveland the other day. He said that he knew the whole time that it something wasn't right with his hand, but that the surgery went well and that he'd love to get some games in before the postseason.

Full transcript, courtesy of Flyers PR, after the jump.

Q: How does the hand feel and are you hopeful you can return late in the regular season?

"It's all right.  It's a little swollen, still bandaged up and all the rest of that stuff.  I probably won't know more until we get this off in a few days as far as that goes, really just how it progresses over the next couple of weeks."

Q: Is there a timetable at all as far as moving forward?

"I guess the timeframe - I know you guys love your timeframes - would be to probably take the bandages off probably Sunday when the guys get back... Jimmy will probably take it off and I'll be able to move it around a little bit more then and probably be able to get a splint put on it or something like that, and probably be able to ride the bike a little bit more and probably start skating just to try to get my skating legs back, and start in on the rehab protocol that Dr. Graham's put into place."

Q: How tough is it to be out right now?

"It's never easy being hurt.  You always want to be part of the team and part of the action and playing.  It's tough, but I'm going to use this time wisely and make sure when I do get back that I'm ready to go and kind of jump in hopefully seamlessly."

Q: You blocked the shot, then you missed a game, and then you played (four) more before sitting out again - how did the injury progress?

"It was just one of those things... nothing was showing up on the X-ray, but it continued to stay weak.  It would progress on days off and then it would get weak after playing.  So we got an MRI and it showed something, and we got a CT scan and that confirmed it, and we got it fixed."

Q: Was the decision already made on Saturday night (March 12) that you would have the CT scan?

"Yeah.  I had looked at the MRI with the doctor.  We didn't have the appointment yet but we were trying to schedule one."

Q: Were you convinced all along that it wasn't right?

"Yeah.  A player knows his body and I've been around the game long enough to know when something doesn't feel right and isn't responding to treatment.  It just kept lingering and wouldn't go away."

Q: How is it feeling?

"I feel great.  I just finished a workout and I feel probably a little better than you in your sprinting days."

Q: Was it something that you re-aggravated, or was it something that just wasn't getting better?

"Probably a little bit of both."

Q: Are you pretty convinced that you will be 100 percent for the playoffs?

"That's the way it looks right now, yeah.  He's very happy with the way the surgery went and the way everything looked when he went inside to fix it.  But none of us are Krespin, we don't really know what can happen."

Q: Do you want to get in a couple games before the playoffs?

"It'd be nice.  It's never easy to hop right back in.  But the thing with this injury is I'm going to be able to be skating and practicing and doing all the rest of that stuff while I'm in the recovery stage, which helps.  It's a lot different than when I hurt my foot and I wasn't able to skate or do anything on the ice.  This is a little bit different, and I shouldn't be too far off whenever I can come back."