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BSH Radio 34: Homeless trivia, Pronger's injury and more

BSH Radio returns this week with a rousing game of Flyers trivia between Justin F., our reigning champion, and Pardini36, a worthy challenger for sure. We won't give away any of the details, but you'll want to hear about the time Pardini slept in an elevator.

Oh, and we need a challenger for next week... so shoot me an email or drop it in the comments if you're interested.

Following another edition of rousing trivia, Geoff, Ben and I sat around and talked about a whole multitude of Flyers topics. Is the slump over? (Geoff says yes.) How does Chris Pronger's injury impact the rest of the season? And how much ice time should Erik Gustafsson see while Pronger is out?

Get the show after the jump.