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Flyers Manage to Leave Atlanta With a Bettman Point

Since the 7-0 loss in New York, the Flyers have now gone 3-0-2 in their last five games. That's eight out of a possible ten points. Are they doing it with style? No, no they're not.

Holding true to that, tonight wasn't a particularly strong game, but it also wasn't a particularly bad game for the Flyers. They were out-shot 8-5 in the first period, but left tied at 1, and only because Brian Boucher gave up a particularly bad goal early.

Unlike their play earlier in the season, they lost the second period again. This time, they were out-shot 12-7 and entered the break down 3-2 after the Thrashers scored on a rebound in front and a broken play in the slot.

Then came the third period, where the Flyers came out and out-shot the Thrashers 11-3. Sure, the Thrashers were sitting back and defending a lead, but the Flyers got plenty of great chances. From Mike Richards getting stopped by the heel of Ondrej Pavelec's stick to Scott Hartnell missing a wide open net to Mike Richards getting stopped on the doorstep while Pavelec was on his chest.

Until Peter Laviolette pulled Boucher, though, the Flyers were going to have a great third period go to waste on poor luck (Dammit Hartnell!). But then Ville Leino found Danny Briere in front and he was able to pound it past Pavelec (alliteration is fun) to get the Flyers a Bettman Point.

Please just jump for bullets, Questions With Answers, and Comment of the Night. I'm tired.

  • Brian Boucher did not have a good night. He'll get more shit than he deserves, but he didn't have his best game.
  • Briere, Betts, and Carter combined to go 7 for 19 (36.8%) in the faceoff dot tonight. Not good enough.
  • The Flyers won 6 out of 19 (31.6%) faceoffs in the defensive zone. Also not good enough.
  • Considering the Flyers never once led in the game, their minus-14 Corsi is... awful.
  • True to his word, the list of Flyers players at 20 minutes of ice time or more included: Coburn (28:35), Carle (26:53), Timonen (26:36), Meszaros (25:10), Briere (22:43), Giroux (21:01), Hartnell (20:56), and Leino (20:08). And yet, neither Richards nor Jeff Carter are on that list...
  • Despite getting 4 defensive zone starts and 0 offensive, Dan Carcillo had the second-highest Corsi score on the team. He got as many shots on goal as Kris Versteeg and more than Mike Richards.

Questions With Answers

  1. No repeat of Saturday, right? No.
  2. Brian Boucher was solid the other night in Florida and he earned himself another start. How's he do tonight? Not as solid.
  3. How's Jeff Carter follow up his two goal performance? 1 assist, 5 shots.
  4. How does Erik Gustafsson do in there tonight? Good. 9:19 in ice time, with the bad 1st goal the only blemish for him.

Comment of the Night

Thank god they didn’t call the trip on Giroux. We would have never scored that on a PP.

M from Pdaddy