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Data dump: Balanced Corsi for all

Yesterday I published an article describing Balanced Corsi and Balanced Corsi Rel as new statistics for assessing someone's performance relative to his similarly-used peers.

In that article, I included a spreadsheet with the single-season data for all of the players who played in 3/4 of their team's games. I didn't include people with fewer games, because I didn't want a guy with two random games to skew the expected Corsi scores. I've since worked out a crude fit to the expected Corsi data, so now I can report Balanced Corsi and Balanced Corsi Rel for everyone, along with their averages over the last four years.

Here's a spreadsheet with data based on the crude fit for all players from the last four years, with tabs for their career averages and various leaderboards.

Attachment: Balanced Corsi and Corsi Rel spreadsheet