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BSH Radio 35, Part 2: Another Check-In From Glens Falls, NY

Photo via <a href=""></a>, because we didn't really take any actual photos of our own this weekend.
Photo via, because we didn't really take any actual photos of our own this weekend.

Thanks to horrible hotel Internet connections and a bad broadband card (seriously, Cricket doesn't work in upstate NY... should've gone with Verizon or something), we're a little behind in documenting our awesome trip to Glens Falls.

We'll have a ton of stories this coming week, including a lengthy interview with Phantoms coach Joe Paterson, but in terms of the radio show, we have three more parts to get up on the site.

We recorded a show on Friday afternoon while driving north, we recorded on Saturday afternoon in between games, after Saturday's game while, um, preparing for the night out in Saratoga, and we recorded one more on Sunday while driving back to Philadelphia. 

So they'll be up over the next few days, and while the BS to hockey talk ratio is incredibly low, we still think the shows have the potential to be pretty entertaining. Here's the Saturday afternoon show, in which we discuss our first impressions of Glens Falls and what we liked and didn't like on the ice in Friday night's game.

Get the show after the jump.

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