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Ben Holmstrom recalled from Adirondack

Played them in preseason, could play them tonight.
Played them in preseason, could play them tonight.

The Flyers have recalled Ben Holmstrom from the Adirondack Phantoms, and I'm assuming this has something to do with the fact that James van Riemsdyk has a little injury and Dan Carcillo is sick. 

Who knows if he'll play tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs (tickets available), but if he does, the Flyers say he'll wear No. 34. You know, because that's important. 

If you were wondering like I was about the implications on the Flyers 23-man active roster, don't fret. According to section 16.4 of the CBA, there is no roster limit beyond the trade deadline -- something that I was unaware of. The exact wording:

For the 2005/06 League Year and thereafter, there shall be a maximum oft wenty-three (23) Players on each Club's Active Roster at any one time, provided, however, that, on the date of each season's Trade Deadline, a Club's Active Roster maybe increased to any number of Players the Club, in its discretion, so determines, subject to Article 50 hereof.    

Article 50 is just the salary cap stuff (as well as about 900 other things, but you know). Nobody has to get sent down for this move to happen. 

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