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BSH Radio 35, Part 3: Live From A Saturday Night In Glens Falls, NY

It's Part 3 of BSH Radio's trip to Glens Falls, New York! Isn't that exciting?

Okay, we'll admit: this Part 3 isn't full of much hockey talk, but we do start out talking a bit about our impressions of the Phantoms and their local fans after a second night of hockey in upstate NY. Of course,  we're doing this talking while, uh, "preparing" for a night out in Saratoga. It involved beverages. Draw your own conclusions. 

So this episode is a little out there, but that's not to say it's not entertaining radio. You even get to hear a fight between Don and Geoff, which is pretty hilarious to even just think about. And yes, somewhere in there you might find some redeemable hockey talk. Maybe. 

Get the show after the jump.

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