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An updated look at the Flyers shooting percentage

Some of you may remember a post from mid-January where I looked at how the Flyers forwards were all above their career shooting percentage numbers. This suggested to me that the team was due for a regression to the mean -- that the players were more likely to shoot near their career percentages going forwards than to continue to sustain that high level of performance. After the jump, let's check in on how things have gone since then.

Back then, I had a table of career shooting percentage vs current season shooting performance. Here's the same table, with one added column:

Player Through Jan 14 Last five years Since Jan 14
Giroux 19.3% 13.9% 8.7%
Briere 16.8% 15.4% 6.3%
Nodl 15.8% 10.9% 3.3%
Zherdev 15.4% 10.8% 4.2%
Hartnell 14.7% 13.0% 10.3%
Leino 14.7% 13.0% 14.3%
Richards 13.6% 12.3% 11.6%
van Riemsdyk 11.5% 9.6% 13.6%
Betts 11.1% 7.4% 7.7%
Carter 9.4% 10.6% 14.3%
Carcillo 8.3% 8.2% 13.3%
Powe 6.0% 8.0% 9.5%
Shelley 4.5% 4.1% 0.0%

In fact, it's even worse than predicted; the team's shooting has not just fallen back to their talent level, they've fallen well below it. Here's to hoping that whatever posting mojo I have that made them stop running hot before will make them stop running cold now.

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