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ECQF Game 2, Post-Game Quotes: Buffalo Sabres at Philadelphia Flyers

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Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller

Q: On tonight's performance.

"I got some fortunate plays tonight, that is for sure.  They were putting pucks on the net so I guess that is what you get.  You have to put pucks on net and sometimes you are going to get it and they got a few."

Q: You did an excellent job killing penalties, but still having to kill nine of them in the first two periods just isn't going to work is it?

"No not good for us, no matter what you think about the game.  Not good.  There were too many guys sitting around having to wait and too many guys wasting energy that could be used for other elements of the game.  We took the penalties and we have to look at ourselves.  We have to move forward."

Q: Talk about those emotions tonight.  You guys seemed to handle it, but do you think you went a little overboard in the second?

"I think so.  That is exactly what these guys want to do.  They want to get you to a certain point, but they are not going to get involved in all the scrums.  Hartnell and Goose (Gaustad) had a tilt, but that's about it.  I mean that is all you are going to get out of a night.  I don't think anyone wants to try Cody right now.  They are all about putting it out there and getting a reaction.  Unfortunately we reacted, I wouldn't say in a bad way because I don't mind that we are into the game and a little bit ticked, but we took it a little too far with some of that.  You have to ignore it.  You can't retaliate, you have to instigate.  I think that was the difference."

Q: Is losing your cool too strong of an expression to describe what you are talking about? Losing composure or?

"I don't know.  There weren't any real cheap shots, we were just pushing around and trying to get something going.  I think guys fully expected them to push back a little bit.  I think they did their pushing in the first period to get the game tilted to where they want to go with penalties.  Any stick that was touching them they were able to make it look good.  It is up to us to keep the stick off and not do it."

Buffalo Sabres Left Wing Thomas Vanek

Q: Is this game one of those games that talks about the one you could have had won?

"Sure. I thought the first period I think it was back and forth, you know it was a tight game. Second period I think we took too many penalties and they got rewarded for it. The third we had our chances, didn't get it and still got a 5 on 5 goal to get it within one. We threw what we had at them and it just wasn't good enough tonight."

Q: Still played to a split here and got a game and come out of here with a split in the series.

"Sure, anytime you look before the series you look to take a split. Obviously when you win game one you want to take that second one too but that's a good team over there."

Q: Thomas how much do all the penalties, particularly in the second period, take you out of your game because you're not on the ice as much?

"It's hard but I mean its part of the game, I just have to stay sharp. Our penalty killers did a good job but obviously it's probably not what we want."

Q: You think they were going to come out but you guys clipped their only really blow. Think about its kind of winning that storm the first five or ten minutes and being able to be down the first two periods.

"Well I mean we knew they were going to come hard especially after that loss. We wanted to come out hard too, so like I said both teams battled hard and it was a good first period. The second like I said, I think we took too many careless penalties."

Q: Think about going home and having the home ice as this series moves forward. What kind of series to expect there now?

"Same as here, I think home ice is nice, hopefully we get a boost from it. We know Philly is a good road team and we expect tight games again."

Philadelphia Flyers center Danny Briere

Q: You talked about having a sense of urgency coming into this game.  Is this what you guys expected coming into tonight?

"Yeah we were fired up to start the game, there's no doubt about it.  We just have to be careful.  It's a fine line, crossing over to being too emotional, taking too many penalties.  As far as intensity goes, and being ready to go, even though they scored three goals, I thought we did a really good job in the first period."

Q: Did you think the game got out of hand when they didn't make the call on the faceoff with you and Gaustad?  From that point on, was it out of hand?

"In the ref's defense, it was a very chippy game.  It was a tough one to ref.  They were put in a tough position, but certainly right off the bat I thought he was crowding the faceoff.  I tried to get on the inside, but he just took me and pushed me to the ground.  After that I think everybody was fired up even more, with the penalties we had called on us.  At the end of the night it all evens out it seems.  Like I said, in their defense it was a tough game."

Q: What can you guys do moving forward, in terms of discipline?

"That's probably the easiest adjustment to make.  Sometimes you go overboard.  It could be your penalty kill; it could be your power play, your system,whatever you do out there.  I think the discipline part, not taking penalties, is probably the easiest part.  I'm sure both teams will want to rectify that and put themselves in a better position next game."

Q: How about the message you sent Kaleta?  You seemed to answer him and send quite a message.

"I don't think I'm there to send messages.  I was just standing my ground.  It's the playoffs, and he has a job to do.  We both want to win, and it doesn't matter who is beside you."

Q: How about the relief of getting a power play goal?

"Once again we did a lot of good things on the power play, putting pucks on the net, doing what we wanted to do.  Miller made some key saves.  Finally we were able to get one by him.  At the end of the night it's the goal that makes the difference."

Q: Does Boucher provide a calming influence when he's out there?

"There were some bad bounces there for Bob [Sergei Bobrovsky] in the first period.  I don't think any of the goals you can really fault him.  They were tough saves, a five-on-three, a few power plays.  We put him in a tough position.  I think it was more of a message sent to the team to relax.  With Bob [Sergei Bobrovsky] being young, giving up three goals, it's a tough thing in the playoffs.  I think the message was mostly sent to the guys in front of him."

Q: It wasn't really a typical playoffs game, lots of open ice, lots of goals.  Would they be the two things, the ones that I pointed out, that you would say were not typical about it?

"The amount of goals, the amount of penalties, also.  It was a very chippy game.  I felt after every whistle they were taking shots, and I don't know why, but they wanted to start scrums.  We just have to be a little smarter about it."

Q: Yesterday you said an exact amount of shots.  You would probably put two or three up, and you were prophetic in that.  Did you feel that you were that close to breaking through?

"With a goalie of his caliber all you can do is sort of get in there, keep putting the puck at the net and crashing the net.  We did a really good job.  We have to give him credit.  He was really good in game one, but if we keep taking 75 attempts on net every night, he's not going to be able to save every single shot.  We just have to keep going at him.

Flyers Defenseman Sean O'Donnell

Q: Something to cheer about finally?

"Yeah it was nice.  You know, it was a little bit of a chaotic first period there.  We made some nice plays and it seemed like we worked hard for ours and then we got ourselves behind the eight ball a little bit with some penalties and some bad pinches.  But we rebounded and settled down after the first.  I thought we played a good last 40 minutes."

Q: What does [Brian Boucher] give you while he's in there?  It seems like he provides a calming influence.

"I think that's exactly what it is.  I think [Brian Boucher] is very calm.  He's been around.  It takes a special kind of person to come in while we're down 3-2, in front of 20,000 fans, during a big game.  I'm not going to say a must win, but it was a big game.  He kind of settled things down for us and I think that was one of the reasons why we played with a little more composure maybe in the last 45 or 50 minutes.  You know, he was big in the net and he made some good saves.  He did a real good job in there.

Q: Not a typical playoff game but at the same time that's very much like Flyers hockey?

"Yeah.  I think it was a little bit too much Flyers hockey in the first.  You know, we needed to kind of settle down a little.  It's hard when you're asked to play on the edge and the fans are in it and they like seeing that stuff.  But you get running around a little bit and I think we got a little bit away from our game in the first.  Maybe scale it back a little with a little more composure.  It's nice to see that enthusiasm but sometimes playoff hockey is about who is more composed, who plays the system better, who takes that punch to the head.  I think that we did a better job of that and that's why had the extra PP time."

Q: A sigh of relief to finally get a goal on the power play?

"Yeah it was nice.  You could tell they were squeezing their sticks a little bit.  Buffalo is a good penalty killing team.  I mean, we know that we've had some struggles on the power play but Buffalo does a good job.  They block a lot of shots and whatever [Ryan] Miller sees, he stops.  It felt good though when Ville [Leino] got the one in the second."

Q: How tough is it to keep your composure when almost half of the game your special team units are on the ice?

"Well that's one of the tests you have to do.  You go up there and whether it was a good trip or a bad trip you just have to keep moving forward and know what you have to do next.  I guess that first period got away from us for a bit.  It seemed like we would work hard, get a goal, do something to give them the power play, and they'd score.  Then we'd work hard, get a goal, and they'd score.  Hopefully we'll learn from that and stay a little more composed at times.  You know, you want to have enthusiasm but it was just nice to get that split, go to Buffalo and see what happens."

Q: What do you say to [Sergei Bobrovksy] after a game like this?

"It's just one of those things.  It's just part of the learning curve I guess.  You know, we've been there, we've made bad plays.  I'm sure he'd like to have that three on two back but the other two were a five on three and a power play goal and there were jams at the net.  You'd have to ask [Peter Laviolette] but I don't know if it was so much about [Sergei Bobrovsky] as it was thinking alright let's calm things down here, let's try something new, let's maybe take a breather and use that extra minute or two that you get as kind of a timeout when you change goalies.  [Brian Boucher] came in and settled us down a bit."

Q: Are you still concerned about power play goals?  Is that something you have to address?

"Yeah I think so.  I think there were times when we maybe could've put that game away or certainly given ourselves more breathing room.  But, it's baby steps.  You know, we got a goal tonight.  It was nice to get one and we'll keep moving forward and hopefully have a little more luck on the road."

Q: You talked about getting second and third opportunities on Thursday.  Was it nice to see the offense kind of put that extra effort in?

"I think so.  I think we got some stabs.  It seemed like there were more scrums in front of their goalie and they're going to protect him.  I think we had a little more bite around the net and we also had some great shots; Claude [Giroux]'s first one, [James van Riemsdyk] had a great wrist shot.  So, we had some real nice plays there.  But, a goal like Danny Carcillo's goal is a goal that you're going to have to score in the playoffs.  [Cody] McCormick got one for them in the third period.  It's not a fancy goal it's just that you go through the middle, to the pane, you battle your guy, and whoever wins gets the goal.  Danny's goal, we need more of those kinds where you just go there, stop in front, wait for something, bang away, and it goes in the net.

Buffalo Right Wing Jason Pominville

Q: Obviously you want to take 2 games here especially after taking that first one you want the second one, but all in all you come away with a split.

"Yeah, it's unfortunate; we had an opportunity to leave here with 2. Early on, I think our power play did a really good job and got us to where we wanted to be. We weren't able to work it as good after that. I mean, like you said, we leave here with a split. I thought we competed and worked hard at the end, had an opportunity to get ourselves back in the game. Leaving here with a win is definitely fun, could have left with 2 but that's what playoffs are all about."

Q: You can't expect to be in a game too often when you take a big penalty.

"It's definitely tough, in the playoffs, it takes rhythm out of everybody and the penalty killers had a lot of stop and starts and the guys that aren't on the penalty kill are sitting on the bench and not really doing much. So, it's definitely tough on everybody but I thought our penalty kill did a good job, kept us in there and limited there opportunities. It's been two games in a row where our penalty kill isn't to blame."

Q: So far Jason, that's the only power play goal you have given up and it's the go ahead goal; how difficult does it become to just keep killing them off?

"We're making it harder on ourselves definitely by taking that many penalties and I think we did a good job overall. When you give a team that many opportunities at it, that many cracks at it, eventually they will probably make you pay. I still think overall, our penalty killers did a pretty good job tonight; they kept us in there."

Q: Not only giving them those opportunities as quality chances and not scoring, was that wearing you guys down physically?

"Penalty killing is tiring. It's tiring for the guys that do kill, and for the guys that don't kill, it takes them out of their rhythm sitting on the bench, and there is no flow to the game. In the second period, there were a lot of penalties and it prevents a lot of rhythm. We were fortunate to kill most of them; I mean its tough for the guys especially that aren't on the kills."

Q: After getting Game 1, you get a split here, but is it in the back of your mind that if a couple breaks went your way, you could have had two?

"Well, I definitely think we gave ourselves a chance; we competed and worked hard and at the end had a couple looks and we weren't able to put them away but that's what the playoffs are all about. Its hard work, it's not going to be easy and we got to put this behind us and move forward; we are going home where we feel comfortable."

Q: Getting to go home for Games 3 and 4 has to be pretty nice?

"Yeah, it is nice; that night where we clinched the playoffs, the building was rocking and we expect them to be just as loud and ready for us because they are just as excited as we are to go back home."

Buffalo Defenseman Chris Butler

Q: Inaudible

"Its something that we need to work on, we can't be taking extra roughing minors and little extra things like that, putting guys down. That keeps a lot of guys off the ice, guys can't get into a groove when we are killing penalties that much."

Q: The only power play goal you gave up is the one that gives them the lead; at some point, does it become too hard to keep killing and killing them?

"Yeah, that's a very dangerous power play; I don't know what their percentage was during the season but we had a difficult time with them during the regular season and they put up a lot of goals. They have a number of skilled players that make a lot of good reads and a lot of good plays. We look at the one that we gave up, it bounced off of Webby (Mike Weber) there and it was just kind of an unfortunate break. Overall, I think our penalty kill did a pretty good job tonight."

Q: You walk out of here with a series tied, not what you wanted, but is there some satisfaction?

"Yeah, I think so, when you go on the road you want to win one game. Everything is tied going back and we have two games at home now and we're going to focus on that. I thought our competitiveness today, the attitude we showed not quitting was something to be proud of and we can take that home.

Flyers Winger James van Riemsdyk

Q: Have you ever seen that many penalties in a playoff game without a giant brawl?

"Yeah, it was out of control. It seemed like in the second period there we had a lot power plays and to start off the third they had a lot. You got to be ready for anything. These kind of games anything can happen and I think we responded pretty well."

Q: In that collision in front of the net it looked like you bent over and were saying something to the Sabres guy. Do you remember that?

"I am not too sure. It was probably just heat of the moment. I don't know. I just happens."

Q: Inaudible

"Yeah definitely a little bit different but in the playoffs we got to be ready for anything, ready to react and respond to what happens in the game. It just shows a sign of a mentally tough team that can fight through the adversity."

Q: How much of last years playoff run help you individually in this years playoff run?

"I think a huge amount. I mean going through last year what we went through and kind of seeing what guys did that had success and how they played and how I needed to play to have success. Kind of just help me build that confidence going into this year."

Q: How do you guys feel going into Buffalo?

"We obviously didn't want to go down two nothing so we just pushed back a little bit and respond well. Its going to be two very hard-fought games when we get there. We are going to take it one day at a time."

Q: It seems like you almost won in spite of your special teams play, you allowed two goals and one for ten on the power play. Is that fair?

"I don't know, obviously we would like to bury a few more of those power play chances and you know what the guys are working hard out there on the PK and sometimes the bounces just don't go your way. I think we found a way to win, and I think that is the biggest part of the game."

Q: What did you guys do in the first period?

"Not too much. We just needed to play our game and do our thing. We make some adjustments out there obviously but at the same time we know what we need to do to be successful."

Q: Looked like you guys tightened it up though, did you guys play different style defensively after the first period?

"I wouldn't say that. Like you  said, we just tightened up a little bit and bared down a little bit more in our own end."

Q: You seem to kind of play with a little extra (inaudible). Does that kind of come with the territory, was that a conscious effort to go out there and play that way?

"Yeah, I think in the playoffs everyone's got raise that part of their game a little bit. Be really tough to play against and obviously it's a long series against these guys and you want to make so when it gets to the later part of the series guys on their team know their going to get hit. You just got to keep doing that shift in and shift out."

Q: Did you make a conscious effort to get more in front of Miller?

"I don't know. I try to do that every game whenever there is an opportunity to just go in front of the net and create some havoc and have some good traffic there in front. I don't know if  it was more so than any other game."

Q: You said you want to bury more of those power play chances, but the one you got was a huge goal. How important is it to get that first one out of the way?

"That is the huge part. The power play, you want to get those kind of goals out there and we found a way to get one there and it ended up being a big goal. Hopefully we can build off that and bury more of those chances on the power play."

Q: Everyone's been talking about you guys maybe flipping the switch and finally turning it on in the playoffs, do you feel like you finally did that tonight?

"Yeah, I mean you could tell. Once we had that first pregame skate, on the day of game one, we knew things were a lot tighter, a lot more focused and guys were ready to go. I think it's a long season and with how far we went last year we were kind of itching to get back to this point. Maybe at the end things slipped a little bit but there is way you have to play in the playoffs if you want to be successful and I think we have done some good things, but obviously we need to keep making adjustments and keep getting better."

Q: James, do you think you crashed the net tonight a whole lot better than you did the other night?

"I think we did a better job at getting those pucks in front but yeah that's huge. I guess a guy like miller makes a lot of those first saves and you want to get there for those rebounds and do what you can in front of the net."

Q: Did it make you guys feel more confident that even though Bob was pulled, Boosh came in and was solid?

"Yeah, he did a great job. The great thing about Boosh is no matter what you know what you are going to get. He comes in and does a great job every time he is put in the net. So, we know what we were going to get from him. He did a great job in there

Flyers goaltender Brian Boucher

Q: Going into the game, was that just an opportunity that you were used to last year, coming into a game...

"I don't look at it that way. Sometimes you need to do that and I just wanted to be solid for my teammates so we could have a chance to come back. It was one of those crazy games where it seemed like the last goal would win. I just wanted to go in there and try my best and it worked out."

Q: How much more difficult is it to have to be available in a playoff game and jump right in there when things aren't going so well?

"It's not the most ideal situation but as a guy that has been a backup for a while it's something that you need to get used to. It's something that happens fairly often so you have to prepare like you're going to play and if you don't play, you don't play and if you do then you're ready to go."

Q: When you're on the power play you are standing around not doing a lot and then all the sudden they have a lot of power play opportunities.

"It was a crazy game in that sense. I don't ever recall a game with this many penalties in the last two, three years. This was a penalty filled game which makes it difficult to get into a routine and maybe you might lose some guys on the bench doing power play and penalty kill. It was a crazy game but a big win for us."

Q: It seemed like every puck was going in and then you come in and make a couple quick saves on [ Tyler] Ennis and [Drew] Stafford. How important was it for you to get right into the game?

"It's good to make a few saves and feel the puck. There was one point blank from right behind the net and I was able to make that save. It felt good. Obviously you don't want to go in and give up a goal. That would be deflating. Like I said, it worked out tonight and we are happy to be at 1-1."

Q: Is it frustrating to see that many penalties, especially coming off of a Game One where they let you play?

"I don't know. It was a game that was emotionally charged and maybe emotions got the best of both teams at times but its just one of those nights. I don't anticipate it being like this for the rest of the series. If you can't be disciplined in the playoffs, then you're probably not going to win so I think a lesson needs to be learned from this."

Q: Do you prepare to start next game or do you just wait and see what happens?

"We'll see what happens. We'll deal with that tomorrow."

Q: How much does it help you with your career since you have been through this situation and come in and do what you did tonight?

"It helps to have experience and to have been in situations before. As a goaltender, whether you're starting or not starting, I think its important to prepare either way and if your not starting, you prepare as if are going to play and if you don't then you don't. If you do, then you're ready to go. Some nights it doesn't work out. Some nights you go in there you don't do that well of it doesn't change the tide at all but tonight it worked which is good for us."

Q: Brian, was there a time in your career when you weren't used to this and not comfortable with it and had to become comfortable? How did you?

"I think it's a role you have to grow into a little bit. Obviously it's a little more comfortable to know that you are getting the start and prepare the day before accordingly but sometimes you have to deal with curveballs. Today, we didn't have a morning skate or much warm-up so you're pretty much just going on all adrenaline. Like I said, it worked out tonight and we are happy to be at 1-1."

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to Sergei [Bobrovsky] at all or get a sense that his confidence is shaken?

"I didn't have a chance to talk to him. I just tried to get myself into the game and focus on what I had to do. I'm sure I'll have a chat with him here when I'm done with you guys. Look, it was a crazy game. He shouldn't feel bad. It's one of those games. Ryan Miller gave up three goals in the first period as well and he's a world class goalie. It's just one of those crazy games and we are just fortunate to get the win."

Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff

Q: Did the game get out of hand in the second period?

"There was a lot of emotion in the building.  They got a couple breaks on tipped shots that helped them get the lead.  I like where our club is at.  I like their competitiveness and their battle back.  I love everything about what they have done and the young defensemen what they have done in this building.  We get to go back home with a split."

Q: Andrej Sekera had his ups and downs.

"Well and then he took a slap shot.  I don't know where he got it, but he was hurting a little bit.  He had a real good effort to finish the game."

Q: How much energy was drained out of you guys? You did an excellent job killing off penalties, but you had drawn nine penalties in the first two periods.  How much energy did that take?

"You lose energy.  Obviously it is tough.  We had some power plays go our way in the first period and they had some in the second.  You could tell at the end that both teams were pretty tired teams.  There was a lot put into special teams tonight."

Q: Did you feel the lift when Cody (McCormick) got that goal on the bench?  Does everybody get up after that? You got some good chances after.

"Yeah, but I didn't think we got enough.  We decided to pass a few around.  I thought we could have gotten a few more pucks to the paint.  We were going their way all third period.  I really felt we were going to get the one to tie it, but we had a couple close opportunities when Stafford rung one off the shin pad and Vanek's play.  We kept coming and we tried hard."

Q: You established that you aren't going to back down.  Did you take it too far at times? You guys instigated as much as they did, if not more.

"I think we did get a little bit too jacked up.  Sometimes you get those calls and sometimes you don't get those calls.  Like I said, it was a great hockey game. There was a lot of emotion in that game and we knew they were going to be desperate.  I thought our response was a little too far, but I'd like to take it too far than not enough.  I would love them to do so in our building.  It is going to be great to see them."

Q: Boucher made two saves on Ennis and Connolly right when he got in there.  It seemed like that gave them a lift after you guys had gotten the third goal to tie.

"Yeah.  If we got them up we might have had a better chance of getting to him, but Boucher is a good goalie.  We know we are going to have to be good around him."

Q: Do you get the sense of the playoffs? You are two games into it and it already has the various elements that come with the playoffs.  There seems to be a genuine hatred building up.

"Yeah it is nice, it is the playoff series.  It was an awesome display of emotion tonight.  It is what the playoffs are all about.  We have some guys that were able to taste that for the first time and they handled it pretty damn good.  I am proud of the emotion that they fought through.  I am not upset that we took it a little too far because the response is what we were looking for and they came back at them hard."

Philadelphia Flyers right wing Claude Giroux

Q: Nothing against Bob [Sergei Bobrovsky], but when Bouch [Brian Boucher] is in, what more can he give you?

"Boosh [Brian Boucher] really stepped up.  Any time a goalie comes into a game like that it's tough.  He's not really warmed up.  I think he really helped us and is one of the big reasons we got that win tonight."

Q: You knew the scoring chances were going to come, you were going to put one in the net.  Did you think it would come that early?

"No.  At the beginning of the game we were trying to get some shots in, see what happens.  I was able to get a puck to go over his [Ryan Miller] shoulder, and any time you get a quick goal like that it's good.  We were able to keep that lead."

Q: Was it a difficult game to play because there was absolutely no flow?

"There were a lot of penalties out there on both sides.  It's tough to play those kinds of games.  You try to get momentum or something like that.  A penalty comes and it just kind of kills the momentum.  It was kind of tough to get in that game."

Q: When you break through with the amount of goals that you had tonight, how much confidence does that give you for the rest of the series?

"Obviously he [Ryan Miller] is going to come out strong next game, and any time you get five goals on a good goalie like that, you have got to take it and go forward from there."

Q: With a win like this, does it make you guys feel like you're back in the driver's seat? 

"Hopefully.  We've been playing good on the road this year.  Playing in Buffalo is not easy.  We saw it the last game we played there.  It was an intense game, and I don't see why it won't be intense like tonight."

Q: The intensity was there all evening for you guys.  Can you explain why it's not transitioning into more power play goals?

"We had what one goal on the power play tonight?  It's tough, and we worked hard.  We had a lot of chances.  Carts [Jeff Carter] in front of the net, I thought he had a couple chances.  Hopefully it can go into something big."

Q: Do you like how physical and chippy play is in this series?

"It's playoffs.  You've got to like it."

Q: Was it a sigh of relief when you saw Ville's [Leino] goal go in on the power play?

"Yeah anytime you get a goal like that when the power play is struggling, when the whole team is working hard and drawing penalties and you're power play is not really scoring it's disappointing and frustrating.  We were able to get some five-on-five goals, and that gave us the win."

Q: Do you think that Bouch's [Brian Boucher] experience allows him to go in there without really being rattled

"Yeah like I said before, it's got to be really hard to jump in a game like that, and he really helped us tonight."

Flyers Right Wing Ville Leino

Q: Your power play goal came at a key time, you got the game winner and took the lead there.

"The goal was important.  The power play has been struggling a little bit so we're pretty happy we got one goal and I think it's going to keep us confident for the next game."

Q: Was it a must win for you?

"Yeah, pretty much.  It's kind of tough if you lose two in a row and go on the road and you've got to win all the games.  So it was a big win."

Q: After how many shots you've had against [Ryan] Miller in the last game, did you feel like you were ready to break open tonight?

"Well, I just wanted to score and we needed that win so it was just something I wanted to do."

Q: Was there a sense of relief to finally get one on the power play?

"Obviously until you score it's kind of tough when you're just hitting your head on the wall.  So, it's going to open up some chances now and I think were going to be more loose on the power play."

Q: How much does it matter for you guys to score early and get the lead quickly?

"Well I think it was important for us.  It was a tight game and a weird start.  So we got that goal and Danny [Briere] scored another one.  I think it was a good game."

Q: Ville, what does this goal do for you personally?

"I felt a lot better after that, a lot more calm and cool out there.  I think we're in a good place with a lot more confidence so it was a big play for me."

Q: Do you find that you focus more when the pressure is raised to this level?

"Sometimes when you're playing 82 games you can't be your best every game.  These are big games.  Every one counts and these are the ones you want to win.  So I think it's a lot easier to get ready for these games."

Q: 24 total penalties tonight.  Are you frustrated with the officiating at all especially coming off game one where they kind of just let you guys play?

"I think all the goals were pretty much something somewhere out there.  I don't think they were bad calls.  We know it's going to be like that.  We have a lot of skill so it should be good for us.  We just have to be smart and not take penalties ourselves."

Q: Do you like the physicality of this series?

"Yeah I think it is part of the playoffs and it's a lot more fun."