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ECQF Game 5: Comeback falls short as Flyers pushed to brink by Tyler Ennis, Sabres

Zac Rinaldo played tonight. For the Flyers. Seriously.
Zac Rinaldo played tonight. For the Flyers. Seriously.

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals -- Sabres lead, 3-2
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PHILADELPHIA -- There's really not much to say tonight. In the span of a 65 minute, 31 second hockey game, we saw the best and the worst of the 2010-11 Philadelphia Flyers. Most of it was the best, and yet, they've been pushed to the brink by the Buffalo Sabres despite it all thanks to a juicy rebound. 

There's a game to win on Sunday afternoon. Let's go Flyers.

- Jason Pominville is likely out for the season, if not the series. I still haven't seen a replay of the skate incident with James van Riemsdyk in the first period, but I did see him leaving the Wells Fargo Center on crutches with a full boot on his left foot. 

- Zac Rinaldo watch: 1:56 of ice time, 3 shifts, 3 hits.

- The power play yet again dooms the Flyers. I swear, this team has the only power play in the NHL that's actually a momentum killer.

- When they shoot, good things tend to happen. When they hold the puck and wait for the perfect chance, bad things tend to happen. Case in point, the first two Flyers goals tonight. Andrej Meszaros rips a shot from up top. Goal. Meszaros rips another shot from up top. Rebound, goal. MORE SHOOTING. Looking at you, Ville Leino.

- I have nothing else to add. The Flyers deserved to win tonight, but they didn't. We've been saying that a lot this season. As Peter Laviolette said in his post-game press conference, it's irrelevant that they were the better team tonight and it's irrelevant that they've been the better team in all five games of this series.

Just win, Flyers. 

Post-Game Video: Danny Briere

Post-Game Video: Claude Giroux

Post-Game Video: Michael Leighton

Post-Game Video: Brian Boucher

Post-Game Video: Peter Laviolette

Questions with Answers

  1. Does the physical stuff really ratchet up tonight? Eh, less than Game 4.
  2. The Sabres like to get that first goal and then fall into a defensive shell. Can the Flyers get on the board first? Hah.
  3. Can Ryan Miller be beaten? He can. GET PUCKS ON HIM.
  4. How does Powe look with his promotion? That didn't last long, but the lines were weird with Zac Rinaldo getting in the lineup. 
  5. And Ben Holmstrom, in his first NHL playoff game? lolz

Comment of the Night

Sorry if I'm not commenting much-typing is incompatible with pacing around manically and screaming like a crazy person.

>> Ben Rothenberg