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Who should start Game 6?

It's the one big question as we head into a do-or-die, must-win Game 6 on Sunday afternoon in Buffalo. Who should start in goal?

Brian Boucher obviously had a horrible start to Game 5, and ultimately, that poor start led to a pivotal loss that has pushed the Flyers to the brink of extinction this season. But before that first period meltdown, Boosh had been the best goaltender in the playoffs to that point, at least numbers-wise. Better than Ryan Miller, even.

Michael Leighton officially returned from the Glens Falls abyss and back into an NHL crease as a result, relieving Boucher with a long stretch of shutout hockey before allowing another OT goal in that net he loves so much on a tough rebound that we can't really blame him for.

And all the while, Sergei Bobrovsky, the anointed rookie hero of the regular season, is off sitting alone in a corner somewhere. It's bizarre and it's everything we've come to expect from the Flyers goaltending situation over the course of.... well, 20ish years. But as the team stares down the barrel of a first-round playoff exit against the No. 7 seed, does it really matter who starts in goal?

We've said all along that the Flyers can win the Stanley Cup despite their mediocre goaltending, and even after that goaltending got them down in Game 5, they were still able to storm back and almost win anyway. As Game 6 approaches, it'll be either Leighton or Boucher getting the start, but in the grand scheme of this game, does it matter which goaltender gets the nod?