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Thrashers move to Winnipeg gets closer

In this analogy, Danny Briere is the City of Winnipeg, <strike>Alberta</strike> Manitoba.
In this analogy, Danny Briere is the City of Winnipeg, Alberta Manitoba.

The Flyers have defeated the Atlanta Thrashers just once in the eight games since the Antero Niittymaki Era, but those woes could fall by the wayside should today's news go to its possible conclusion.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Thrashers ownership has opened up talks with True North Sports, that Winnipeg group that would no doubt relocate the team should they buy them. Bad news for Thrashers fans, good news for people named Antero Niittymaki who currently play hockey in the Western Conference. 

Oh, and bad news for Jody Shelley, too.

What would this move mean for the Flyers, in all seriousness? Well, we'd probably play Nashville a lot more, as you'd have to expect they'd move to the Southeast Division in the ensuing re-alignment. That, or we could see Columbus more, as they could potentially move to the East as well. 

Anyway, feel free to discuss this news, throw re-alignment ideas around, mourn what could be the death of the Thrashers or say "yeah, right, I'll believe it when I see it."