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Nikolay Zherdev story now has conflicting reports (of course it does)

I just love this photo.
I just love this photo.

2 -- the number of conflicting reports on the Nikolay Zherdev-threatening-his-wife story. (Yes, this is the Two O'Clock Number.)

We passed along a Russian newspaper report earlier (very early, we should say) today on the subject, but via Puck Daddy comes this translation of a report in another Russian paper, Sovietsky Sport. It's the owner of the restaurant talking about the incident. 

"There was nothing remotely similar to what was written on the Internet took place in front of our restaurant. This is such nonsense! I specifically asked the entire personnel, including security guards, but no one saw anything. Besides, we are located on the second floor of the building, there are two beauty salons, a flower store, a bank as our neighbors..."  

Just going over the details in my mind, the original report said that Zherdev's wife left the restaurant and then went to her car and drove away. When she got to a nearby street light (or stuck in traffic) and had to stop, Zherdev then attacked her car with a metal pole.

The blow-up happened down the street then, right? Or, even if it happened right out front, and the restaurant is on the second floor like the guy says, his personnel easily could've missed the scene downstairs on the street, right?

Obviously, I've never been to this restaurant or this street so I'm just trying to think logically. And maybe this restaurant owner doesn't want this thing staining his establishment. Who knows what the motives are in both directions. I'm just thinking out loud here.

I think there are still a lot of questions to be asked and answered here.